Honesty, accountability, integrity and fairness are foundational principles on which YuTü.Co.in will be built.

~ First ten words of the above were gleaned verbatim from elsewhere on the Web (similarly for source of now cropped image above this [WP] blockquote.


We extend a cordial welcome to first-time and repeat visitors, plausibly unearthing our inchoate existence via user account YuTü.Co.in on BitcoinTalk. During perusal, please pardon the pseudo [aerial] moon dust and proverbial cowbells whilst the pages within are meticulously assimilated with germane content.

This site (prevailing iteration) was largely designed for the fundamental purpose of introducing IDEAtion of, and prime support for YuTü.Co.in et al. Rest assured that our accomplished definitive Internet presence shall be more conducive to fostering brand awareness, in turn, rocketing market share and scale for the lofty pursuit(s) in virtue of near-100% transparency.

There’s no cause for suspicion when experiencing close encounters with any alien characters (graphemes) which straightaway may render ineffectively on particular viewing devices as we fittingly address [font] anomalies accordingly, reassuring that evocative typography usage will suitably resolve on most native hardware upon fruition. A reciprocal plead is hereby requested when descrying the panoply of our not-yet-in-vogue neologisms, as both facets will facilitate distinguishing YuTü.Co.in from its [nonexistent] competition.

For those who revel in scrutinizing such, our Off-white Paper is readily available elucidating our propositions. Yes, it’s not a scholarly technical write-up, hence cleverly dubbed Off-white Paper, albeit penned in utter austere seriousness, encompassing a bevy of hallmarks generally found in said long-established quasi-magniloquent prosaic prose. De facto, YuTü.Co.in in its currently published [periodically quirky] conceptional version gently acts tirelessly as an unorthodox methodological paper regardless the hue [or bracket count (or parenthesis count – or dash thingy count – or for-the-love-of-hyphens count … or ‘or’ count)].

YuTü.Co.in, under the aegis of YuTübopolis, Inc., is a US-based concern, having its geographical HQ location and pertinent vitals duly revealed ere long prior to Beta launch or, more importantly, soliciting initial pecuniary participation (read: Send us your money!).

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns – or concerns or questions.