YuTü.Co.in:  A Crypto Ecosystem for YouTubers and Their Fans

YuTü.Co.in provides a platform for YouTubers to earn more money, connect better with their fan base, and have their own valuable tokens traded on our in-house exchange (YTC-Sox).

With YuTü.Co.in, YouTube producers can be rewarded with incentives in a decentralized way formerly unachievable. Our exclusive approach is ground-breaking – priorly not attempted – ushering in a new dawn for video-sharing monetization.

YouTubers can create their own one-off crypto tokens, expand reach and enhance earnings, all through the YuTü.Co.in platform and token exchange.

Honesty, accountability, integrity and fairness are the
foundational principles on which YuTü.Co.in is built.

About YuTü.Co.in:

Our goal is to bring back money to YouTubers lost by recent monetization policy changes on the YouTube Partner Program giving rise to the Adpocalypse, accomplished in the form of YouTubers’ own crypto-commodities pegged to their channels. A crypto-commodity (yAltcoin) can have its individual Ticker Symbol (TicSym) stylized to reflex their distinct brand, its shares (yaltz) tradable for an Ethereum token, YuTüCoin (YTC), having real-world value.

Our platform and YTC-Sox exchange will be used to let YouTubers communicate with their fan base and allow partisans to “invest” in their favorite creators, directly supporting channels without having to split contributions with corporate third parties. YuTü.Co.in offers absolutely free registration, no membership fees or hidden charges, and opened to all producers meeting minimum registration requirements regardless of their channel’s subject matter, granting all content allowed by YouTube.

In addition, YuTü.Co.in provides YouTubers with their own fully-customizable page on our site which they can use to sell merchandise, post non-YouTube hosted videos and promote their channels. Simultaneously, YuTü.Co.in offers a potential investment opportunity to YouTuber fans and crypto enthusiasts alike, as the open-market nature of our hosted exchange allows the value of yAltcoin (yALT) yaltz to moon for the most ambitious channel brands.

By bringing blockchain-based decentralization to the process of video monetization, YuTü.Co.in re-empowers publishers seeking to supplement revenue streams for work they already love doing.

For more information, please peruse our White Paper.

The YuTu.Co.in Ecosystem

YouTubers – Token creation, sale and management, incentives.
Investors – Shares, decentralized platform exchange, premium content.
Platform – Decentralized exchange and tokens managed by smart contracts.

Benefits for Channel Owners:

Independent Tokens for each Channel Owner: Your YouTube channel is crypto-commoditized and sold as shares to your fan base, invested supporters and users of the platform.
Integration with Video-Sharing Sites: You do not have to upload directly to the platform, you can share linked content with your subscriber base.
You Own Your Content: Upload your content on YouTube and elsewhere as we offer our resources to you pro-bono. We help you earn more money and enhance your brand while you concentrate on making awesome videos.
Zero Fees: YouTubers registered as Lynspinz incur zero fees when using any of YuTü.Co.in’s platform features.

Benefits for Investors:

Access to exclusive content from your favorite YouTubers.
User-friendly – no previous experience required.
Receive crypto-commoditized shares representing your support for YouTubers.
Shares can be purchased or sold on our exchange. Participating YouTubers will be more inclined to advance their channel brands to appease shareholders. This, in turn, will increase token prices, of which they themselves own and continue to automatically garner.
Shop on the go – platform features soon to be available for mobile devices.
Voting rights. As shareholders, fans will have voting rights on any initiatives put forth by corresponding YouTubers.

What is YuTüCoin?

YuTüCoin (YTC) (Ethereum Address) is an ERC-20 compliant token and the platform-native coin to be used for most services offered on Yutü.Co.in. Using our in-house exchange, anybody can use YTC to purchase custom coins known as yaltz, which are coins representative of a YouTuber channel brand. A portion of generated yaltz will automatically go to the account of the YouTuber themselves. Once the platform is live, YTC can also be used to purchase PAQs, or virtual miners (described below). As an Ethereum token, YTC will be tradeable on myriad outside exchanges and DEXs as partnerships with exchanges are formed, the first of which will be Excoincial.

What are PAQs?

PAQ is an acronym for Port-Able Quaesitor, otherwise referred to as a virtual miner. They allow their purchasers to partake in the generation of newly created yAltcoin yaltz. When registered to dowze (mine) a specific yAltcoin, each PAQ generates 1 yaltz every 2 minutes. These will be automatically accredited to the platform account or wallet of the PAQ owner. There is no maximum number of PAQs one can own, however, there’s a maximum 33 registered PAQs per user allowable to dowze yaltz of a single YouTuber’s yAltcoin at any given time.

Read our White Paper for further information.

YuTü.Co.in Affiliate Program

To participate in our Affiliate Program, YouTubers will need to create their own individual 8-letter code (example: NAKAMOTO) which they will give to referring ICO participants to enter in the ICO contribution form along with their purchase information. With these codes, participants can obtain a 20% discount when purchasing PAQs, and receive 1 additional PAQ free per 10 PAQs purchased. For every 100 total PAQs purchased by participants using a YouTuber’s affiliate code, the YouTuber will receive 10 free PAQs of their own. This program will run beyond the duration of the ICO. For more information, please contact us at support@yutu.co.in.

2018 / Quarter-IV
Team Recruitment, Company Formation, Concept & White Paper Development.

2019 / Quarter-I
Initial Project Marketing & Announcement, Press Kit Development.

2019 / Quarter-II
Blockchain, Exchange & Platform Development, Promotional Activities with YouTube Community.

2019 / Quarter-III
Platform, Blockchain Beta Launch, Start Listing of YTC on Exchanges.

2019 / Quarter-IV
Resolution of Regulation & Compliance Issues, Official Platform Launch (incl. YTC-Sox and yAltcoin Blockchains).

2020 / Quarter-I
Expand Trading Pairs on YTC-Sox, Improvements to Platform UI/UX.

2020 / Quarter-II
Financial & Code Audits, Ecosystem Buildout, Third Party Wallet Integration, Mobile App Release.

Can a YouTube channel be revitalized after having sat dormant for a spell with intent of taking advantage of YuTü.Co.in’s architecture?
Yes. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Can Lynspinz dowze (mine) their own yAltcoin yaltz?
Yes they can, even to the extent of dedicating a maximum 33 PAQs toward each of their brands’ yAltcoins if administering multiple progressive YouTube channels. No user will be able to dedicate more than 33 PAQs per yALT.

Can a Lynspinz lend a hand in determining their yAltcoin’s YTC-Sox TicSym?
Most definitely! In spirit of distinction, in conjunction with letters and numbers, common and aberrant typography, glyphs and punctuations may be incorporated in a TicSym (Ticker Symbol) particularly if questing to mimic one’s brand. Same for usage of script inducing unable-to-overcome rendering dilemmas. Veritably, some Lynspinz’ brands presently employ trademarks, logos, motifs, etc., conducive for the eligible up-to-8 alphanumeric TicSyms on YTC-Sox, reserving imagery usage for venerable YouTube channel brands exhibiting problematic typesetting insignias. A Lynspinz may at any time purposely stylize a revised archetypal TicSym, contingent upon it straightforwardly reflects their brand, and if the exact ordered graphemes adapted for adoption remains exclusive, with finite single-character TicSyms generally reserved for the most illustrious YouTuber.

Can two YouTube content creators have the exact same ticker symbol?
No, for obvious reasons.

What is the price point for acquiring PAQs?
Currently $25 per PAQ or free when purchasing FIXZ, increased $25 per subsequent lots of 10,000 PAQ purchases, maxed at $500 each.

Can one freely sell or transfer their PAQs to another?
Yes, where we’ll even provide the means to conduct such on our platform, all free of charge.

Will YuTübopolis or its subsidiaries be dowzing/mining/hashing yaltz?
A resounding NO! Our business model consists of providing tools in enabling Lynspinz and our patrons to mine/quarry/dowze without direct or indirect competition from us, structured such so that we here at YuTübopolis et al. won’t/don’t need to resort to the much-frowned-upon practice.

Will YuTü.Co.in have faucets available for the various Lynspinz yAltcoin yaltz?
A hundred thousand (100,000) yaltz of each Lynspinz yAltcoin will be doled, sourced from a dedicated page on our site by simply subscribing to the corresponding Lynspinz’ YouTube channel and supplying your email address to YuTü.Co.in.

Can a Lynspinz readily change his token on YTC-Sox?
Yes. Chances are a Lynspinz won’t be tweaking their unique TicSym too often due to branding concerns but, if such were requested, we would suitably honor their petitions pro-bono.

How does a Lynspinz end their participation with YuTü.Co.in, thereby delisting their yAltcoin on YTC-Sox?
Since a YouTube creator’s brand is highly likely their most valuable asset, it would become our utmost priority to quickly and effectively expunge any/all references to a YouTuber’s brand without penalties regardless as to why opting-out was requisitioned.

What trading platform will be powering YTC-Sox?
Modulus (follow the link).

Bruno Kucinskas

Founder / Chief Advisor:  The brains behind the project, Bruno, is backed by a well-documented, long-standing experience in the cryptocurrency space. He founded the first crypto-based charity, Bitcoin 100, and is recognized as a top scam-buster, saving investors worldwide hundreds of millions of dollars over the years by discouraging their participation in scams.

Shawn Brackenbury

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):  Shawn has 25 years experience in sales, marketing, and management. He originally became interested in Bitcoin in 2012 and has been a blockchain enthusiast ever since. As a successful entrepreneur, he has worked closely with the development of several startups over the course of his career.

Gavin McDonald

YouTuber Channel Manager:  Gavin is YuTü.Co.in’s social media expert and community moderator. He is also involved with recruiting YouTubers and assisting in the smooth running of the platform. He has his head full of ideas to help grow the YuTü.Co.in brand. Look for him attending upcoming conferences.

Cyrus McNally

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):  Cyrus is a cryptocurrency news-writer and has been active on the BitcoinTalk forum since 2014. Having participated in and reviewed several ICOs, his focus is on making crypto understandable for a mass audience and using the blockchain to help the little guy, as originally intended by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Temmy Gabriel

Project Manager:  Temmy is the project manager for YuTü.Co.in and is a crypto enthusiast, ICO investor, and cryptocurrency trader. As an active member of the BitcoinTalk forum and crypto community in general, he has invested in over 50 ICOs to date.

Modester Okafor

Social Media Coordinator:  Modester is the official YuTü.Co.in Telegram page administrator and social media coordinator of the project. She has been a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast and has also participated and invested in a wide range of crypto projects.

Olumide Oluwasegun

Copywriter & Brand Management:  Olumide is a copywriter, brands and communications professional, and digital marketer with experience cut across several different industries. An early adopter of cryptocurrencies, he is YuTü.Co.in’s brand and communications manager.

Don Chancellor

Founder & President of Africunia Bank:  Chancellor is an IBM certified blockchain expert and one of the early adopters and holders of Bitcoin. Though more inclined to the medical profession, but coming from the backdrop and admixture of medical and banking/financial family, he is armed with the art of both worlds and thus lays acclaim to many years of practical experiences in related fields.